Dog Grooming

Border collie combed

We believe bathing and grooming are essential to the health of your pet and insist on humane grooming policies and practices in our facility. Whether it's a full service grooming, a nail trimming or a spa treatment, our groomers are happy to make your four legged friend feel like a million barks. We strive to provide for your dog’s comfort and safety and make every effort to minimize stress during grooming.

From bathing to hair cuts and flea treatments to breed-specific styling, pedicures, and skin care, your pampered pet will go home looking great and feeling great! Our grooming services are available by appointment Monday through Saturday, and can be scheduled to coincide with your pet’s last day of boarding.  You can also schedule an appointment for grooming while your dog is at daycare and eliminate another Saturday chore.

Grooming available from Tuesday- Saturday

Border collie combed

Grooming Rates

Just A Bath

Includes Bath, Brush Out and Blow Dry (Dematting extra*)

Small Dog $36

Medium Dog $42

Large Dog $50

Giant Dog $60



Just a Cut

Includes Bath, Brush Out, Blow Dry and a Haircut (Dematting extra*)

Small Dog $55/$60

Medium Dog $65/$70

Large Dog $75/$80

Giant Dog $85/$90


Luxury Bath

Includes Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing and Anal Gland Expression (Dematting extra*)

Small Dog $62

Medium Dog $67

Large Dog $75

Giant Dog $80​


Full Groom

Includes Luxury Bath (see above) and a Haircut (Dematting extra*)

Small Dog $75/$80

Medium Dog $80/$85

Large Dog $90/$95

Giant Dog $100/$110

*Our grooming and dematting pricing is based on time involved in the process and may vary by dog. Standard prices are by breed or size for short-haired breeds. Coat types and condition within a breed may vary and result in adjustments to our standard pricing. Contact us for an estimate on the cost to groom your pet.



De-Shedding $20 and Up+

Flea & Tick Treatment $20

De-Skunk $20

Signature Spa Shampoo $6

Dematting $15 per 30 minutes

A La Carte Extras:

●    Nail Clipping $15

●    Teeth Brushing $12

●    Ear Cleaning $10

●    Face, Feet and Fanny Trim $20

●    Face Trim $10

●    Feet Trim $10

●    Fanny Trim $10

●    Anal Gland Expression $12

Dog groomed by woman

Grooming Requirements


●    All dog must have all vaccines

●    Dogs must be on a flea preventative

●    All vaccines must be administered at least 10 days prior to visit

●    We do not accept aggressive animals

Dog groomed by woman